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Monday, 17 December 2012


Katarina hiding her bump with bags in Maze

Last Thursday we enjoyed a real treat - the MillaMia Christmas lunch! There are now 5 members of the team here in the UK (we missed Kirsten who is our right hand in Australia) though we are mostly a 'virtual team' with some members working from home and others part time, so don't actually get the chance to meet face to face very often. This was a very special lunch as I had previously only met our latest MillaMia members - new Office Manager, Maja and Design Intern Yumiko Isa via Skype (and we ALL know how many years that can add on!)

Yumiko and Maja modelling their Christmas presents
We went toa fun restaurant, Maze in Grosvenor Square for a delectable lunch, and chatted over the delicious menu. I had taken the opportunity to be very well organised and gave them all some small Christmas gifts - Yumiko and Maja are each wearing a pair of Ice Storm Mitts by talented designer Louise Zass-Bangham - in Scarlet and Claret respectively. Luckily both pairs fitted well and were much appreciated! You can also see the snowflake decorations that I made using MillaMia in scarlet and putty to co-ordinate with the parcels in the pictures - more on how I made these later in the week!

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