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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Candy Cane Stocking
When I think of Christmas, I think of parties, family, seeing old friendsand presents! For the record I love receiving gifts and let's be honest -  whodoesn’t? But I also love giving them and I get a bit of a high from thinking of anoriginal and imaginative one.

I see it as a challenge to put lots of thought, imagination and effort into coming up with the perfect original gift. I've been handcrafting presents for my friends and family since I was around 7 years old, though no doubtmy family are very grateful that as I've grown older the standard of presents has grown too!

Disasters aside, I used to love coming back from university each Christmas with a new set of skills to use for my gifts project, which have ranged from beaded scarves, a colour mix dress, funky cushion covers and most recently, personalised tree decorations for my niece Kristina. I have to confess they were probably all more a present to myself because they were so much fun to make.

Handcrafting gifts for your loved ones does take some time and thought, andsmall cute projects can be very appealing and look amazing. Try knitting some of these Christmas tree decorations by Arne and Carlos to dress up your tree with a truly Scandinavian feel. One of our Australian stockists, Suzy Hausfrau has made some wonderful versions out of MillaMia yarn. See her blogpost here. Or tie them to your gifts as a fun alternative to a bow. I'd love to see these strung up on the mantlepiece alongside a Candy Cane Stocking stuffed with gorgeous gifts!

There is still time to fit in a quick project for someone special from Country Escape if you're feeling up to some cable work. Try the Birgitta Wristwarmers in claret (as shown) or how about knitting a pair for yourself in scarlet to really stand out in the Christmas crowds? I'm hoping there will be a pair under the tree for me. Hopefully my sister or Max are knitting already......

(posted by Helena)

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