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Saturday, 1 December 2012


When we all sat around Katarina's table in September and decided we really wanted to launch the first of our adult collections before Christmas 2012, it seemed like a monumental task. There was still so much to do - pattern checking and editing, sample knitting, choosing models and arranging a photo shoot, choosing locations for that photo shoot, sourcing props, clothes, hairdressers and make-up artists - the 'to do' list was never-ending!

The level of organisation that is required for bringing all of those elements together to produce something not only cohesive, but beautiful and artistic and in a practical sense - a book of working, wearable knitting patterns, seemed to me, akin to organising the wedding of the year.

Helena had already worked her genius in designing the pieces and providing the 'artistic vision' but it took Katarina's energy and ability to oversee and co-ordinate to ensure that every piece of the enormous puzzle came together to create the Country Escape that is now available.

We have many, many candid photos of the photo shoot. But, it's difficult to convey the energy - the fun and exhilaration at being involved in something so extra-ordinary with just still photos, and so we have another piece of that fabulous day to share with you.


(posted by Max)

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