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Friday, 17 October 2014

WOOL WEEK - Southwark Cathedral

Milly the Sheep had pride of place
We have long been supports of the Campaign For Wool - not surprisingly you might say, as wool is at the very core of our brand. Working and designing with wool on a daily basis is one of the great pleasures of being in the yarn industry - and we are conscious of the many wonderful properties that wool has, specifically for us in the handknitting arena.

It was such an enormous privilege therefore to be invited to exhibit at this years Campaign For Wool Installation at Southwark Cathedral. Milly the MillaMia Sheep was proud to be featured as one of only 2 handknitted items in the beautifully curated collection of just 50 pieces, the other a piece by Rowan so we counted ourselves in very good company!

Every one of the 50 pieces in the collection was created with enormous skill and imagination. From beautiful rugs, cushions and throws to tapestries and crochet all curated by Bridgette Kelly and Arabella McNie, there was truly an impressive array of woollen, artisan products.

And as if being included in such a highly regarded event wasn't enough, Helena and I were invited to the VIP evening to browse the stunning collection at our leisure. It was an entirely perfect setting - the soft wool in all its guises juxtaposed with the ancient stone walls of the cathedral brought its own magic and quiet beauty to the evening. We delighted, of course, in seeing our lovely Milly in pride of place at the very entrance, on the ipads and peering out from the first pages of the brochure, but we also thoroughly enjoyed seeing the variety of all the woollen objects - created with skill and an obvious love of the fibre.

The pictures don't at all do justice to this lovely evening. You can't hear the oohs and aahs as people wandered around touching, looking and delightedly smiling at our Milly. It's impossible to convey the atmosphere or the quiet awe we felt just being in the stunning surroundings of the cathedral but I hope you can see that we loved every moment.


(posted by Katarina)

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