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Friday, 24 October 2014

FREE PATTERN - It's a treat!

With a week to go, there is still plenty of time to knit up a few terrifyingly good Halloween treats for the kids (big and small!) And what better excuse to conjure up some dastardly decorations and creepy critters than a FREE-KY pattern??

At MillaMia Towers we've been busy concocting a bevy of ghoulish delights that will set a spine-tingling tone for any Halloween party. From cataclysmic candle holders to spooktacular spiders and bewitching bats there is a quick and easy knit to wickedly entice even the most frightful knitter!

Head(less) on over to to download your free patterns or click on the portal pics and lunar links . . .

Those of you with eyes like a hovering hawk will notice that a couple of captivating new colours have crept into the pictures below . . . our Limited Edition colours for 2014 are levitating onto yarn shop shelves near you now! Choose trick or treat Teal or pick perfectly ripe Pumpkin and knit up a few terrific treasures this Halloween . . . mwaaaa-ha-HA!!!!!

Create a ghastly glow . . . Candle Holder&sort=&type=
Drive the kids batty . . . Toy&sort=&type=
Creepy crawly up on unsuspecting guests . . . Toy&sort=&type=

Have a monstrously good time - Happy Halloween!!!!!!
(posted by Max)