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Friday, 3 October 2014

MILLAMIA TEAM - Knitting Part 2

As soon as there is a tangible nip in the air, and the colours outside drift from lush greens into the golden hues of Autumn, I begin to feel a pressing need to cast on all manner of knits. A new wave of patterns and yarn herald the beginning of 'Knitting Season' and I am suddenly conscious that Christmas (sorry!) is just around the corner. So begins the exciting prospect of 'knitting all the things' as gifts for loved ones, and to cosset myself in the latest delectably warm and cosy knits.

Annette Scarf in Cinder

The arrival of our lovely new Aran in a myriad of tempting shades and 2 collections to choose from comes at an optimal time in my knitting calendar. I confess that I am a little sad there are no new babies or toddlers in my immediate life to make small, instantly gratifying knits for, BUT, only a little sad as it means that I can focus entirely on Finishing Touch. And I have a lengthy list of cool accessories that I am eager to knit from this particular collection.

My first choice is the fabulous Annette Scarf - an oversized accessory knitted with an amount of yarn that could easily make a substantial cardigan! Nothing shouts luxury for me like an accessory of this magnitude - warm and dramatic in Damson or Cherry Red in our Naturally Soft Aran for a bold statement against a neutral winter coat.
My second favourite is the Gullan Snood. This would definitely be a go-to accessory that is easy to wear while still looking stylish - I imagine pulling it on with a casual winter jacket to add an extra layer of warmth around my neck. I am stuck on choosing a colour for this one though! Unusually for me, I love it in the Marine Blue as shown in the book, but I'm tempted also by Slate, Cinder or Stone. Maybe there are multiple Gullan Snoods in my knitting future . . . !

Gullan Snood in Marine Blue

Naturally Soft Merino in Slate, Cinder and Stone
Our wonderful office manager Maja has been much less selfish than I, and is imagining knitting a special gift for a dear friend.

I would like to knit the Annette Scarf in Pink Glaze for my best friend, whose name shall remain private but whom I love to call "Koukla" which is Greek for "beautiful doll", the phrase we picked up while attending Greek language classes together many years ago and which suits her beautifully. Koukla has recently gone through a profound and unimaginable loss in her life, yet she has shown the most admirable dignity, strength and courage throughout the anguished and harrowing time. I would like Koukla to imagine me giving her a hug every time she wraps this beautiful scarf around her. I miss her so much.
The Annette Scarf is proving to be the most popular pattern from Finishing Touch and would look beautiful in Pink Glaze

The Elika Wristwarmers in Cinder and Emerald - I like that they are fun, happy and slightly quirky. I would like to knit them for myself and for anyone who wants a pair!

Elika Wristwarmers in Cinder and Emerald

(posted by Max - with help from Maja!)

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