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Thursday, 28 March 2013

YUMIKO visits Wool House

Last week I was thrilled to be able to visit the Wool House exhibition at Somerset House. It is a celebration of wool presented over 12 days by
The Campaign For Wool and curated by Arabella McNie who has over 20 years experience as a designer and stylist in the world of interiors. The event was presented 'a vision for wool as a modern, versatile, lifestyle fibre' and featured a showcase of interiors, fashion and textiles along with a hi-tech educational suite.

Situated in the west wing, which has recently been renovated, the exhibition was to transform it into a home made almost exclusively from wool. Featuring 7 rooms created by leading interior designers who aimed to showcase the incredible versatility and unique qualities of wool, Somerset House had a truly awe-inspiring makeover.

The featured designers were Donna WilsonAshley Hicks,
Josephine RyanAnne Kyyrö Quinn, Mary Fox Linton of Fox Linton Associates and Kit Kemp. As well as these super-talented interior designers, there were other artists who showcasing their unique work and incredible skill.

This beautiful 100ft runner is the work of Cristian Zuzunaga:

and this stunning, if slightly scary crochetdermy bear is by Shauna Richardson - life-sized and entirely crocheted!

Jason Collingwood, a rug weaver of enormous talent was the artist in residence.

One of the things that caught my eye was the special educational room. This room featured everything from sheep to manufacturing and there was even a piece of wool roving under the all tablets!

I love these details as it unified the atmosphere of the whole room whilst adding a unique quality and warmth to the high-tech products which are naturally opposite to the beautiful natural fibres.

Personally I also enjoyed the movie which contains lovely hand drawn sheep animation and an introduction to all types of woollen products. If there is a DVD, I would love to buy it!

Apparently school children from around the UK were invited to visit the event and I believe they would love this room, as I would definitely have loved this myself as a child. I'm already imagining what next year will be like . . .
(posted by Yumiko)

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