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Thursday, 14 March 2013

An amazing gift

Since the birth of my son just over 2 weeks ago we have been overwhelmed by wonderful gifts. The hand knitted ones of course being among my favourites. There is never a lot of time with a newborn in the house so I apologise for the brevity of this post - but I wanted to share some of the pictures of these gorgeous items with you. 

Thank you to Margaret for knitting this wonderful babygrow and matching hat in our MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino yarn in one of my favourite colour combinations - Forget me not and Daisy Yellow!  This really knocked my socks off when it arrived - so stunning and such a treat to receive.

And not forgetting the sweet clogs knitted by Max before he was even born. He has very big feet so them might not fit him for long but here they are on warming him up in an unusually cold March here in the UK:

I think all the patterns are from Ravelry for these items but Max will no doubt post a link in the comments section if you would like more information - or see her previous blog post from when she was knitting the clogs!

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