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Friday, 13 February 2015

KNITTING - interior love

At last I can sit back and revel in the satisfaction of completing a couple of projects. The cast on frenzy that overwhelmed me at the beginning of the year has begun to subside and the slight discomfort of having too many WIP's on the needles has forced me into a period of dedicated finishing. For me, and many other knitters, the knitting is often the most enjoyable part of the creating process, and the finishing . . . not so much!

Surprising really, as the abiding and wholly satisfying sense of achievement as the last seam is stitched is second to none. And these days we can share that proud moment with our fellow crafters on all sorts of social media platforms in order to receive the generous 'pats on the back' that we all secretly love.

As soon as I had embarked on the Honey Honey Cushion from Winter Knitting, I fell prey to the charms of the Big Love Cushion too and so began a period of interior love. Having yarn enough to knit a fraternal matching pair was the decider and the very moment after I had stuffed the cushion pad into the Honey Honey Cushion and buttoned it up, I cast on my Big Love.

I would like to say that I knitted monogamously on this cushion, but I confess that I had yet another MillaMia project on the needles and this one had a serious deadline too! More about this beautiful garment in a future Blog post, but suffice to say, some late night and very early morning knitting stints have seen ALL my projects finished - phew!

Heart topped pins and LOVE buttons from my local haberdasher

This pair look so at home on my sofa that I've had a few second thoughts about gifting them to their future owner. But then I remind myself that I am a knitter and my lovely friend is not. I can always knit myself some more.

Big Love and the other patterns in the Valentine's Collection are still FREE to download from our website and Ravelry until 23rd February. We'd love to see some of your finished cushions so do come and post on our FaceBook page or tag us @millamia_sweden on Instagram.

Finally we must announce the winner of the Valentine's Competition . . . drum roll, fanfare and all round excitement at the ready . . . Linda Rumsey - you are the lucky winner!!! Please get in touch via email - and let us know which 2 colours of our Naturally Soft Merino you'd like.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter - it was such fun to read your comments. Wishing you all a Love-ly Valentine's Day!
(posted by Max)


  1. beautiful
    wish the honey honey was available as single pattern though, gorgeous textures playing around in that

    thanx for sharing

  2. Thanks for your very kind comments. The Honey Honey Cushion (and all of the others from Winter Knitting) is available to buy as a single PDF download from Ravelry at our regular price of £4 - hope that helps!