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Thursday, 5 February 2015

COMPETITION - And how to avoid The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater

As all around people turn their thoughts to love, Valentine's themed gifts and romantic evenings, us knitters are torn between the overwhelming desire to knit up something impressive for a significant other and the threat of the curse of the Boyfriend Sweater. You may laugh, but the very idea of knitting something so monumentally time-consuming to express love and devotion to another, only to be unceremoniously 'dumped' is enough to put a vast majority of knitters off EVER knitting for their partners.

The Curse has gained credence through things such as knitting magazines, podcasts and blogs(!) as well as a 2005 poll that stated 15% of knitters say they have actually been the victim of the curse and a staggering 41% take it very seriously indeed. Of course knitters are generally a practical bunch of people, not much given to superstition and there have been many plausible ideas to explain the curse and it's devastating effects. Some explanations are as follows:

1) Knitting a sweater for a man is always a lengthy process and the relationship may come to its natural end during that time, or even before the sweater is finished!
2) The knitter makes the sweater as a last ditch attempt to express their complete devotion even as she knows the relationship is doomed to failure.
3) The knitter actually spends more time knitting than with the significant other and the many hours invested in the sweater is the last straw.
4) The significant other receives the sweater but fails to show enough gratitude (for the hours of dedicated knitting, colour/pattern selection and vast cost) and the resulting tension/arguing heralds the beginning of the end. Jacket Jacket
The Ola Jacket from Colour Coded and the Stefan Jacket from Country Escape

The MillaMia team like to think of themselves as modern knitters, not given to superstitions or fancy and have decided to launch a competition to offer an antidote to the curse . . . We're giving away 6 balls of Naturally Soft Merino in the 2 colours of your choice to knit one of our lovely new Valentine's Cushions . . . a cushion . . . not a sweater, you see? And you can knit this very-definitely-not-a-sweater gift for your Valentine in complete confidence that it won't result in a parting of the ways . . . or, you could show yourself some love and simply knit it for yourself - your choice! Heart Cushion&sort=&type=
Choose the yarn to knit your favourite of these Valentine's Cushions!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning, is tell us who you would knit a lovely cushion for in the comments box below. We'll announce the winner on Friday 13th February . . . which will be lucky for one!
(posted by Max)


  1. I'd knit a cushion for my daughter. I have fallen foul of the curse a couple of times (not that I had heard of it back then) . But 3rd time lucky as we have now been married for 21 years!

    1. Linda - we are thrilled to tell you that you are the lucky winner! Email with your details and 2 colour choices. Congratulations!

  2. Oh lovely giveaway! I would knit the beautiful cushion for Mr R. But as it would then perch prettily on the sofa I suppose I would really be knitting it for me. And our little boy, who is far more partial to a cushion than his Daddy. Maybe this project would evoke the valentine-knit-curse!

  3. I'd knit it for myself. I've just been 'dumped' had to leave my home, furniture, friends behind. It's a new beginning for me in a new country, with new people yet to meet, places to go and furniture to buy. And of course knit things for my new home. So here's to new beginnings and showing yourself some love this year :)

  4. I still have a power in myself to knit a sweeter to my beloved husband for Valentines day ;) and I would gladly knit sweet cushions for my second loves - kids (daughter and son). All with love, dear Milla Mia team!

  5. I'd knit a cushion for my lovely husband to relax against and put his feet up after making the family dinner. He deserves a bit of comfort!

  6. I was only discussing this the other day with some friends as I too had never heard of this curse. One friend noted that her Grandma never knitted for her husband due to fear of the curse. The other friend noted that he grandmother always knitted jumpers for her husband and they were together fifty years. I am currently knitting a jumper for my husband - guess that leaves me with a 50/50 chance ;)

  7. My mother would love one of those cushions, and I'd love to knit one for her. I'd like to make one for our home, too!