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Friday, 4 October 2013

NEW COLOURS - Helena on Design and Inspiration

Not only have I recently been playing with our new Limited Edition colours but I have also had the pleasure of developing 3 new shades to add to our permanent range of colours!

These colours are the result of repeated customer demands, and my longing to add some more shades to the heritage section of our range. I wanted shades with longevity and enduring appeal, that were both rich and sophisticated. Adding an opulent purple, a pitch black and a stylish sable brown has given the overall pallet a little more of an adult focus now that we have branched into designs for women and men.

The Vanessa Cowl (opposite) is from our latest booklet Flight of Fancy. I'm particularly fond of this accessory which has all of the design elements I love right now - richly saturated colours in high contrast and with plenty of cabled texture.

If you feel a little daunted by wearing a garment in a bright shade, then look to injecting some colour into an accessory. It's always much easier to wear a small burst of something bright against the safer neutrals and will add interest and style to any outfit.

Sable (105)

Browns are a little tricky as a colour! They can be far too reddish in tone or veer towards the yellow spectrum which results in a yucky colour. With Sable I wanted a lovely soft brown with tones of grey in it to give a more modern overall effect. For a subtle, sophisticated adult garment it works beautifully with Midnight, or mix it with Forget-me-not for a very soft look for babies and children. When used on its own, Sable lends depth and definition to cable motifs and textured stitches, it's super easy to wear and will blend with so many shades in your wardrobe.

Berry (163)

With Berry I was looking for a really warm purple - a natural shade reminiscent of rich natural fruit and wilderness. Of course, since purple made its come-back a few years ago now, we have seen it become a staple fashion colour which is versatile and wearable across the seasons. I like this shade coupled with Pitch Black but it also looks stunning with a serious contrast such as Lime - bringing these strong colours together brings them both alive in such a vibrant wayAgain the shade is intense without being too dark and will look fabulous in even the plainest stocking stitch garment.

Pitch Black (100)

Well, black is black . . . a bit of a cliche but also true! I love it for the simple classical statement it makes and totally understand how people cling to it, as most of us feel that we can't go far wrong with black! It is a pure colour - sophisticated and strong and lets the wearer be all of those things. Though clearly an adult shade, I love the idea of using it for some cool kids clothes too. It can be fantastic mixed with Fuchsia or Peacock for a quirky look!

All of our new colours are now available to purchase from your local MillaMia stockist or directly from our website

Look out for the next blog post which will have exciting news of a gorgeous new FREE pattern to see you wrapped up in warm cables ready for winter!

(posted by Helena)

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