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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

PHOTO SHOOT - Behind the Scenes

As the autumn/winter knitting season fast approaches here in the UK, we at MillaMia have been busy behind the scenes, preparing our fabulous new Limited Edition colours and patterns due to launch later this month. It always comes as a bit of a shock when Katarina sends out the critical path for our new products a few months in advance of the launch as I see the list of work and wonder how we will EVER have it all ready in time! But somehow we always do, and the culmination of much of this work is encapsulated in the photo shoot for the new patterns.

Don't get me wrong - the idea that everything is actually ready in time to be photographed is not strictly true! We often work to a really tight schedule and it isn't at all unusual to receive last minute parcels of knitted sample garments on the morning of the shoot, as well as props and clothes. For this particular collection, my Mum had test knitted a beautiful garment, but had literally only finished it on the morning of the shoot and was incredibly lucky that I could take it along with me.

When my daughter Haithe (a textile student on her first shoot!) and I arrived early on Wednesday morning, there were more samples that had arrived first thing - knitted so quickly for us at the last minute that there was a good deal of finishing left to do on a number of garments. Katarina had invited our former intern and superstar swiss darner, Louisa Crompton down to help out on the day, and with Yumiko Isa, our very talented current intern and I, we made up 'The Knitting Machine'!

It wasn't long before Haithe was pinning and blocking pieces, Louisa was embellishing garments, Yumiko was picking up and knitting a neckband and I was beginning to mattress stitch an entire garment together. We beavered away, fuelled by coffee and croissants whilst all around us, people were busy with their own organisation. Emma Noren, our amazing photographer and her assistant Callum, were setting up their equipment and taking test shots, the gorgeous models began to arrive and Carolina whisked them away to hair and make-up whilst Katarina and Helena were overseeing us all!

This shoot only required one adult model - and we were lucky to have secured Donna McPhail - a truly beautiful girl with the most stunning auburn hair and a natural way with children. For anybody who has ever thought that modelling is easy, I must dispel the myth - Donna worked tirelessly all day helping us to achieve the shots we needed, was incredibly patient with the children and stood for hugely long periods of time in shoes that couldn't have been at all comfortable!

The children were enormous fun too. We've said before that we count ourselves very lucky that Katarina has such a good stock of beautiful children to model the MillaMia clothes - and along with some friends' gorgeous children, we have some truly stunning pictures of them in our latest, stylish designs for autumn/winter 2013. Look out too for a very special appearance by the newest addition to the MillaMia family - Johan is set to make the cutest debut ever!

The initial shots from the day look amazing - we are so excited to finish the edit and finally share them with you! I am already straining at the bit to knit at least 3 of our new designs - naturally in some of the exciting new shades. Check back here for all the news on the new Limited Edition colours and brand new patterns as it happens - we have so much that we can't wait to show you . . .
(posted by Max)

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