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Friday, 20 September 2013

LIMITED EDITION - Helena on Design and Inspiration

Wow -  what an indulgence to spend days lost in colour research! I love colour and often struggle to limit how many I want to play with. Working on the Limited Edition colours was so freeing as I was able to look much more closely at colour trends and to suggest key shades which I felt would make a new statement for MillaMia.

It was refreshing also to design just for right now - for this moment in time and to not worry about the longevity of the colours. I have a tendency to fall in love with colours and then later to fall back out of love . . . however at the moment I am still quite smitten with Lime and Cobalt and how they renew the existing palette. 

For me Cobalt appeals as it's a lively intense colour with so much energy and life. It's been all over the catwalk for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections showing how other designers have also been seduced by its pure bright tone and sheer strength of colour. When I was working with the mill I tried to communicate the depth and magnitude the colour needed by showing them an Yves Klein painting where the purity of the pigment explains exactly what we wanted.

Lime by contrast is a more particular colour. We have seen all shades of yellow - from Lemon to Ochre in recent designers work which shows how the shades can be used as the most amazing accent colour - literally bringing other shades alive but also as the main body colour. My advise is be brave and play with the Lime - combine it with Putty, Berry (a new core colour available very soon), Forget-me-not and Storm - it's surprising easy to wear!

I remember being at art school and a tutor asking me '"What is design to you?" - a difficult question to answer and after a lot of thought I came to the conclusion that for me colour is the central element, it enriches life and brings out emotions in people. Currently Lime is adding a zing to my lifestyle and Cobalt is engulfing me in energy which is no bad thing as we transition to colder weather!

Flight of Fancy is the 6 pattern booklet to support our Limited Edition colours - filled with patterns for adults and kids it showcases these 2 new colours perfectly. These brand, bright new Limited Edition shades are currently available from and from our stockists across the UK, Australia and the USA (a full list of all of our current stockists can be found here) - BUT HURRY! Lime and Cobalt are flying off the shelves . . . going . . . going . . . almost gone!
(posted by Helena)

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