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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


The MillaMia office/studio has been firmly located in a spare room at home since we started the business back in 2009. It was a relatively small operation back then, and in terms of the space MillaMia the business required to operate in the early days, the office was more than adequate to house everything.

As we grew and evolved - publishing more collections, taking on more stockists and staff, expanding into the US and Australia, it's fair to say that the 'bijou' MillaMia office did not. I ended up with cartons of yarn and piles of books spilling out into the hall, having to conduct meetings in the dining room and taking over vast swathes of our parent's house for storage! I understood, as did my very tolerant husband that starting a business meant many sacrifices in the early days, and it's fair to say that we both looked forward to a future with me running MillaMia successfully from somewhere other than our home.

Our first move was when we switched the fulfilment of our orders to a third party warehouse in Hampshire - enabling us to focus less on picking and packing and more on customer service and product development. But the strain on the office side of things was really felt by the end of last year.

A corner view of the new MillaMia office as we moved in
Happily MillaMia is thriving and with our third child arriving 8 weeks ago, making space for my family and the business became somewhat of a priority. We took a deep breath and made the decision to move MillaMia to a shiny new office. As you can imagine the upheaval and disruption was immense - it's hard to believe we EVER managed to squeeze everything into such a small space - but it was also cathartic and incredibly exciting. We ruthlessly cleared out and 'reassigned' stuff that had accumulated, honing everything down and packing it into boxes. I ordered new office equipment, made sure we had the tech support we needed for a smooth changeover and booked some very helpful guys to do all the heavy lifting - it really wasn't long before we were almost properly installed in our lovely, bright new office.

It feels like a real milestone to me personally, and a truly uplifting and motivating way to start 2013. I know I'll remember this move as something momentous - and I'm sure my husband will look back more than fondly on the day he got his home back!

You now can contact us at: 136-144 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4LZ
(posted by Katarina)


  1. I love the new office! It's hard to believe all that fitted into that tiny room! Best wishes, missing the MillaMia team loads! Louisa x

  2. I guess you have an interior designer inside you. The way you arranged your place to be spacious, yet efficient, is just great! Given the fact that you only had little space to work with. I guess you were able to achieve your goal of making space for both your work and family.

    Clayton Steadham

  3. You had quite the space for your office. You organized it so that your files and documents just used a small area. You can still place a couch here for your clients and guests and I think you can still place another working table at the other side of the present one. Well, it depends if you needed additional work stations. :)