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Monday, 11 February 2013


Our lovely intern, Yumiko Isa is also a knitwear designer with a keen eye for detail and texture. We are very proud to have her working with us and sharing her amazing design ideas and passion for knitting. Her stunning graduation collection has recently been featured in Surface Asia Magazine, with some truly beautiful images and a little about the inspiration and techniques behind the garments. You can see some of these pictures here, but I also asked Yumiko about her ideas and how this collection came together.

Yumiko's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection is inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono with Balenciaga's dramatic design from the 1950s. The collection called “the beauty of blank” which came from the phrase “less is more” has a combination of simplicity and femininity using high quality yarns and a wide range of knitting techniques such as felting and brushing. All outfits are unified by the same elegant style, and hand made accessories such as head pieces and long gloves with block colours add extra impact to the collection. As Yumiko says, 'I am deeply interested in creating experimental and unique textures combining various techniques and yarns.'

Yumiko has a domestic knitting machine at home - a Brother KH-836, and used various techniques to achieve the shape and structure of the garments. The shoulders of the short cape are shaped using a sock heel method for example, and the fluid drape of the skirts is created by short row shaping. The dresses are made from lambs wool which is then felted and the capes and accessories are constructed from stretchy mohair, vigorously brushed to create a wonderful halo.

This wearable collection uses twisted, knotted and folded details to create garments which look unique and sophisticated. The graduated colours came from kimono patterns, with special yarns such as elastic mohair and angora mix fine lambs wool, making her collection look soft and elegant. As a knit based designer, Yumiko is also interested in terms of sustainability and producing high quality and long lasting products with her own aesthetic.

You can view the entire collection at
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