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Friday, 8 February 2013


Issue 4
Last year a stunning, new-style magazine appeared in the knitting community. Small and perfectly formed with a quirky, crafty aesthetic
Pom Pom Quarterly quickly became known for it's chic knitting patterns, all manner of lovely craft ideas and delicious recipes!

Meghan Fernandes and Lydia Gluck are the beautiful brains behind this exciting new magazine, and can also be found helping out at London's most fashionable, destination yarn shop Loop.

They are both originally very word-y people – Meghan studied English Literature and Lydia studied linguistics, and so immediately had that in common, along with a passion for traditional folk cultures, music and of course, knitting!

Before Pom Pom, Meghan did her MA dissertation on knitting in women's literature while working as an event manager at an architectural gallery and Lydia taught English in Mexico.

They now work together from their London studio in a building they share with fashion-types, music labels, other craftspeople and artists - loving every minute of working on Pom Pom!
The double page feature in Pom Pom

Though all issues of Pom Pom to date have been full of gorgeous, wearable knitwear this edition is particularly special to those of us who love MillaMia, as we are this quarters' featured brand. Focusing on Katarina and Helena, the design and MillaMia ethos, the piece is an informative interview with the girls.

As Katarina says of working so closely with her sister Helena 'It is both great and terrible! I think we both appreciate what the other brings to the table, and are very supportive and proud of our individual skills and talents on the plus side. We also have a shorthand for communicating which cuts out a lot of time-wasting and discussions just for the sake of politeness, so it enables us to work quickly and effectively together.'

To read more of this interview you'll need to buy a copy of Pom Pom Quarterly available in select yarn shops in the UK, and from their etsy shop. Hurry though, as copies are selling out fast!

You can also find Meghan and Lydia on Ravelry, Facebook and Twitter, and they'll be at Unravel in Farnham Maltings at the end of February too.
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