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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I count myself truly lucky that my job is also my passion. Working as the UK Accounts Manager for MillaMia means that I am in contact with the amazing people that run our favourite yarn shops all over the country.  As you’ll know if you’ve ever met me at one of the many knitting related shows we attend, I love to talk . . . A LOT! And my favourite thing to talk about is all things knitting – my knitting, your knitting, past present and future knitting – I’m ever eager to discuss its immeasurable merits! So, the hugely popular Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexander Palace is just the sort of event I love to be at. It's a really satisfying part of my job to be able to meet with the yarn shop owners at shows like this, but also the best possible way to meet all of our customers.

This year saw me in a particularly happy position in that I attended both as an exhibitor and a shopper. I helped out on the MillaMia stand on Thursday and Friday with Katarina which was really good fun in a busy-hard-on-the-feet kind of way. We met so many returning customers who had visited us last year and who were eager to see the samples of the new collection, or choose an exciting new project – it really was so thrilling to see their enthusiasm.

Of course, meeting with new customers who discover us at these shows is also an incredible experience – they invariably ooh and aah over Emil and always fall in love with Cecilia!

Our lovely colour-inspired cushion, Tivoli in two great colourways.

Caroline and Helena on the Saturday of the Show before the crowds of yarn hungry knitters descend!

The Sunday shopping experience was very different. I've been a good many times before and it’s always busy – there is so much to see and such a vast distance to cover in a few short hours. Some ladies from my knitting group, my Mum and my two textile-mad teenagers were with me which made for a rather large group – it did feel a lot like travelling on a very slow train which stopped at every station!

For me though, seeing this incredible Show through the eyes of my teenage children gave me an entirely new perspective. Where else can you find such a concentration of people dedicated to our wonderful craft in one place? My textileaholics were suddenly transported into the centre of an amazing community – and felt right at home!

(posted by Max)

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