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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Midsummer - a Scandinavian tradition

It was Midsummer on Friday 19 June this year.  We Swedes love Midsummer - to us it symbolises the start of summer.   Although when you are living abroad it sadly does not quite hold true as our schools seem to go on forever - way into July - before we can start relaxing. In Sweden school finishes already in June.

Midsummer represents the longest day - and in Sweden this means almost 24 hour daylight - it barely gets dark. For that reason it is fantastic to celebrate this nice event in Sweden every now and again.

This year we were all in England - however our design assistant Tanya is half Finnish and was lucky enough to visit Finland for Midsummer. We wanted to share some of her gorgeous pictures. We are half tempted to visit Finland rather than Sweden this year as a result!

Posted by Katarina, Photos from Tanya

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