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Friday, 22 May 2015

NEWS - so long and thanks for all the knits . . .

When the MillaMia team sat down to discuss the possibility of starting a Blog in 2012, I felt a thrill of excitement. I have always been a writer you see, and for me, the idea of combining two of my passions - knitting and writing - well, it was a gift. We set about planning and scheduling, talking excitedly around topics and themes, about how we wanted the MillaMia blog to look and most importantly what we wanted to say. It was clear from the off that we had plenty to share and it gave us the ideal platform to let our customers 'in' - so they could get to know us all a little better.

Looking back to those early days it's clear that 3 posts a week was rather ambitious and we soon settled into the once weekly slot that our readers - you - have come to love and expect. I have spoken to many of our blog readers over these 3 years and the message that I get repeatedly is one of excited anticipation - I love that you look forward to reading it in bed on a Saturday morning with a cup of hot coffee and your knitting by your side. It's exactly what I'm doing myself!

So, it's with a bittersweet mix of emotions that I tell you I'm moving on to a new job at the end of May. It feels like the end of a chapter in a book I don't really want to put down - I know I'll be thinking about the characters for some time to come. The Blog and all of the things I have worked on at MillaMia will of course continue as they must, and though it may feel a little different at first, know that the girls behind this amazing brand are just as dedicated and passionate about great content as I have been.


While the scent of change is in the air it seems like the ideal opportunity to ask you, the reader what you love (or loathe!) about the MillaMia blog. What do you value or enjoy? Which specific type of post do you find interesting or useful? What would like to see more or less of? Please leave your comments below and feel free to let us know exactly what you think - constructive criticism is always welcome!


It just remains for me to say that I have loved every minute of writing this Blog - there really haven't been any lows, only highs and as work goes, who could ask for more? I'm eternally grateful to Katarina and Helena who have been the most inspiring, hard working and encouraging women to work for - thank you both for everything! Keep reading, and making and learning about your craft and know that I will be doing the same . . . quietly knitting on a Saturday morning as the sun comes up.

Goodbye and good luck to the incredible MillaMia team

(posted by Max)

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