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Friday, 16 January 2015

KNITTING - New Project

You may recall that last week, I was feeling a rush of New Year motivation and excitement to embark on a challenging garment project? That I was keen to cast on something for myself after the selfless months of Christmas gift knitting? That I wanted a large project that I could indulge myself in?

It's funny what a week can do to the best of intentions isn't it? I have to confess that I have cast on something - though sadly it isn't for me, nor is it a garment and although it has cables, it isn't really a true challenge either! I have been shockingly sidetracked and lured in by our Winter Knitting book again, and this time by one of the gorgeous cushions.

The story of my drastic change of mind is simple really. Feeling enthused and inspired after writing the blog post last week, I went in search of my 20 balls of Berry yarn (buried rather deep in my ever growing stash!). While searching through my yarn, I got to imagining that delectable berry colour knitted into some interesting textures and cables and found myself suddenly trying to remember where exactly I had seen some beautiful cable detail in that very same Berry yarn . . .

It came to me pretty quickly. The Honey Honey Cushion in Winter Knitting. I was soon sat knee deep in yarn (including the bags of Berry) and with Winter Knitting open in my lap. The rest is history - I had the yarn, I had the pattern and more compellingly - I remembered an imminent birthday which I would need to knit something for.

And so, I have cast on this beautiful cushion. It isn't the large, complex, time consuming pattern that I thought I wanted to immerse myself in, and it isn't even for me. But the gentle repetition of the cable pattern and the ever soothing glide of the Naturally Soft Merino on my needles is actually cathartic and satisfying enough. And as all knitters know, our greatest pleasure is often in the gifting of our time and talent, and not in the ownership of the things we make.

(posted by Max)

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