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Friday, 28 November 2014


Standing out from the crowd in todays online world takes something special, and Emma Blackie of Lemonade Yarns has done just that. With a passion for crochet, beautiful yarns and providing the most dedicated service to her very loyal customers, Emma has managed to create an online space that feels as friendly as a local bricks and mortar shop!

She kindly agreed to answer a few questions for the Blog, and if you'd like to find Emma once you've read all about her, then head to her website or you can always find her on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

1) Introduce yourself, and tell us a bit about how you came to open your online shop.
Hello! My name is Emma and I live and work in Cardiff. Lemonade Yarns is what I devote all my spare time to when I’m not at the day job. I took over the shop almost two years ago (I bought it from a friend of a friend who no longer had the time to run it) and have been working on it and growing it ever since!

2) I know you have a particular passion for crochet, so what do you have on your hook at the moment?
I have so many projects on the go at the moment! I’m the middle of hooking up a blanket, a shawl, some birthday and Christmas presents, and some scarves I’m making for charity.

Beautiful crocheted wristwarmers in Naturally Soft Aran - colour Ochre

3) Describe your ultimate craft project.
My ultimate craft project would be one I actually have time to finish! It’s my own fault really as I start things and then get distracted by an exciting new project – I get so inspired by the things I see other people making that I want to make them for myself!

Also I Iove “mystery” projects – ones where you get a snippet of pattern each week or month, and you don’t know what it’s going to look like until it’s finished. Brilliant!

4) What is your favourite MillaMia yarn and colour?
Oh goodness, I don’t know if I could pick out a favourite shade, but I’m definitely totally in love with the new aran-weight merino. It’s such a stunning colour palette, and I love the mix of brights and neutrals.
I'm interjecting here as I pressed Emma into making a decision! She choose Teal in the new aran - great choice!

Crochet works so well in a tightly twisted yarn like our Naturally Soft Merino shown here in Seaside, Petal, Storm, Forget-me-not, Snow and Berry

5) Do you have a ‘go to’ pattern that you’ve knitted multiple times that’s perfect for gifting?
Not really, to be honest. I prefer seeking out new patterns that suit what I want to make at the time, and I love the challenge of getting my head around a new pattern. If I make the same thing too many times it takes the fun out of it for me.

6) Tell us something unusual about yourself.
I am a classically trained musician and have a degree in Music! After I left university (I studied in Exeter) I could have made Music my career, but instead I went to work for Habitat and wanted to become an Interior Designer. Now I’m a manager for a high-end classic British women’s clothing brand. Isn’t it funny how life turns out sometimes?!

(posted by Max)

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