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Friday, 14 February 2014

STOCKIST PROFILE - Spins and Needles

I know that I always say we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing yarn shops stocking MillaMia, and that the people who own and run them are some of the nicest people around - but it's true! So, at the risk of repeating myself, Sarah Freeman, owner of destination yarn and stitch boutique, Spins and Needles in Lincoln, really is the nicest lady and her yarn shop is pretty awesome too!

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and how Spins and Needles came to be.

I'm Sarah Freeman, owner of Spins and Needles yarn shop located in the centre of Lincoln. The shop came about when I was leaving my previous job and wasn’t quite sure what to do. Then one morning I thought, “hmmm, I think I’ll open a wool shop” and so I did! I’ve no technical training and like many am self taught and have picked up a lot from my friends, the internet and workshops held in other shops that I attended before I had my own.

2) The burning question that's on every kitters' lips - what have you got on the needles?

Currently on my needles is: Aoibhne Ni’s Pax shawlette in MillaMia, good for travelling with. A pair of Schoppel Wolle socks as my ‘shop project’ which is fairly easy so I can be busy in the quiet periods in the shop, and, I’m about to cast on Tea Jenny by Kate Davies in Rowan Felted Tweed – done my first steek on the tension square. I like to try the yarns in the shop so I can say what I think when discussing them with customers.
3) How do you go about selecting the yarn for your shop with the overwhelming array of yarn available right now?

When thinking about what to buy in for the shop I can be quite eclectic. I like yarns to have a high natural fibre content and good pattern support – this is what first led me to stock MillaMia.  I also have to consider what I already stock and how new lines will fit in. Just before Christmas I realised my penchant for 4ply meant there was loads of very similar yarn in the shop, so I had a big sale and slimmed this down. Boringly price has to factor as well, although I don’t focus too much on this as if it’s beautiful it’s amazing how price doesn’t factor.

Inside Spins and Needles

4) Do you have a 'go to' pattern that you've knitted multiple times that is perfect for gift knitting?

I don’t really have a go to pattern, I quite enjoy knitting hats, so I would say a chunky hat, or fingerless mitts. I do like the Birgitta Mitts from Country Escape especially as I love knitting cables.

Spins and Needles wall of yarn

5) Describe your ultimate fantasy craft project.

Mmmm . . . ultimate craft project . . . a huge Noro throw – I’m a sucker for their really bright colours.

6) What is your favourite MillaMia yarn colour and pattern?

I do really like bright colours, so I think that Scarlet and Fuchsia are my favourite MillaMia colours, and whilst I’m not a green person I do like Grass as well. I adore the Erika Cardigan, I really ought to knit it up as I know I’d wear it to death, and the brights used in it are fab.

Samples including an Emil Babygrow and Alexander Jacket

7) Tell us something unusual about yourself.
Something unusual? Last year I took part in Lipdub Lincoln, where I cycled my yarn-bombed bike up Lincoln High Street singing along to Take That’s ‘Shine’. This was as part of Lincoln Wheelers bike club and organised by BBC Look North (Yorkshire).
Sarah (left of pic) on her amazing technicoloured bicycle!

You can find Sarah and her lovely shop at 6, Clasketgate, Lincoln LN2 1JS, on Twitter, Facebook and Ravelry. You can even call her on 01522 522865 - she is always happy to help you choose some delectable yarn for your next project!
(posted by Max)

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