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Friday, 19 July 2013

OLLE HAT - featured in the Telegraph Saturday Magazine

Every now and then a pattern comes along that takes knitters of all generation by their needles! It's not usually the most complex, intricate or challenging pattern - rather more often it is a relatively easy, small project that will deliver almost instant gratification. It's nearly always a pattern simply but stylishly designed, shown in a great colourway and appealing as a small, thoughtful gift too. A lot to ask of a single pattern you might think, but the Olle Hat from our book Bright Young Things has delivered on all counts!

This lovely, simple pattern was included in Daisy Bridgewater's 'Childrens Notebook' column in the Telegraphs' Saturday Magazine just under a month ago. Offered as a free download with a discount code to receive 10% off purchases on the MillaMia website, we were thrilled to have been featured in this very well-respected magazine.

As the magazine hit the shelves on Saturday 22nd June, Katarina was holding the fort here in London as Helena and I were out in Columbus at TNNA, and it wasn't very long before the first requests for the free Olle pattern began to drop into the inbox. Katarina sent us a first email saying that there was a steady stream of emails asking for the 'gorgeous stripey hat pattern', and then an hour or so later she sent another, more excited email to let us know that the requests were now dropping in at a rate of 3 or 4 a minute! As the day progressed, the emails kept flooding in, but now alongside orders for yarn with knitters keen to take advantage of the discount code. We were all ecstatic!

Nearly a month on, requests for the free Olle Hat pattern are still arriving in our inbox. We've had so many lovely little insights into where these hats are heading - for a new grandchild, for twins, for a new mum to learn to knit for her first baby, as a gift for a grandchild on the other side of the world - it's been touching and exciting all at once! We have estimated that over a thousand requests for the Olle pattern have so far been made - perhaps there will be a baby wearing an Olle Hat on every street come Autumn!

If you would like your own free copy of the adorable Olle Hat pattern, please just send an email to And as we would hate for our Blog readers to miss out on a bargain - we're offering a 10% discount on purchases from for a limited period (until the end of July 2013) using code BLOGOLLE13 too.
(posted by Max)

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